• From Reflection to Expression: Embracing Your True Identity as a Manifestation of Source"
    In the teachings of Divine Science, man is considered an expression of Source and not a mere reflection. By recognizing our divine essence, we can access the qualities of the divine within ourselves and bring about positive change in the world. For African Americans, embracing their divine essence can help overcome the limiting thoughts and verbal scripts that come with historical oppression and marginalization. By embodying the qualities of the divine, individuals can become powerful agents on earth. It is important to recognize the divine within ourselves and avoid defining it in our own image to overcome limitations and live masterfully. Read more
  • St. Louis New Thought Center: A Safe and Supportive Space for African Americans on Their Spiritual Journey
    The St. Louis New Thought Center provides a safe and supportive space for African Americans who may have faced exclusion or marginalization in traditional religious institutions. Led by Gregory "Ausar" Stanton, a seasoned New Thought teacher and life coach, the center offers weekly seminars that empower individuals to improve their well-being and achieve personal goals through practical spirituality. With a focus on inclusivity and the integration of different spiritual traditions, the center provides a valuable space for spiritual exploration and growth for those seeking a non-dogmatic approach to spirituality. Read more
  • Revolutionizing Your Spiritual Practice: Rethinking the Meaning of "In Jesus Name"
    Affirmative prayer is a powerful tool for enhancing your spiritual practice and transforming the lives of those around you. By focusing on affirming positive outcomes and aligning with divine intelligence, you can create the life you desire. Jesus emphasized the authority of our words when praying, and using authoritative affirmative prayer can help people tap into the limitless potential of the universe. Incorporating affirmative prayer into your treatment work can help you discover new meaning and purpose in your life and the lives of others Read more
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