About Me

About Me

From Vibration to Manifestation: Tuning Your Life Symphony

Life can be a symphony of experiences, sometimes soaring through crescendos of joy, sometimes dipping into minor chords of challenge. 2010 was my dissonance, a brutal symphony where cancer plucked my beloved queen, the love of my life for 30 years, from the score. A risky business venture backfired, leaving me castle-less and adrift on the ocean of uncertainty for seven long years. Hotels and couches became my temporary notes, shifted and reshuffled by forces beyond my control. Yet, beneath the surface, the conductor within me remained in tune.

For you see, I wasn't just another pawn, tossed about by fate. My pastoral and therapeutic experiences had cultivated a powerful vibration, honed further by the Masterforce coaching program. With a deep breath and a shift in focus, I dusted off my inner maestro and made the most crucial move: I changed the frequency.

Every client's breakthrough, every whispered wisdom shared, became a harmonious note, rebuilding my symphony anew. My Master's in Counseling and my coaching experience were my sturdy bass line, providing the foundation for a life in resonance. The trials themselves, though discordant, became my skilled cellos, teaching me to navigate the shadows and compose resilience.

Years of studying the power of the mind, aligning with the wisdom of Abraham Hicks, became my oboes and flutes, weaving powerful mental melodies. Slowly, harmoniously, the pieces returned: a haven to call home, a reliable chariot (car!), and most importantly, connections vibrating with love and joy. And in 2023, I orchestrated my own triumphant finale, earning the Masterforce Coach of the Year title.

Now, I invite you to join me in composing your own masterpiece. Let's tune your inner instruments, identify your vibrant strengths, and craft a life symphony that resonates with fulfillment. I'm not just your coach, I'm your harmony partner, guiding you with the wisdom gleaned from my own journey of dissonance to delight.

Together, we'll transmute life's challenges into stepping stones, and your kingdom of joy will rise, orchestrated by the power of your own magnificent vibration.

Ready to harmonize your life? Contact me today for a free 15-minute consultation and start composing your vibrant reality.

Gregory "Ausar" Stanton, Life Strategist 


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