New Year New You - Action Boarding Master Course

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New Year New You

Creator's Workshop

2023 Action Board Workshop with Auspicious Ausar

There is no better time to start imaging 2023 than today! Having decided that you don’t desire to have a repeat of 2022, and maybe you are feeling a bit lost on where to begin! Or maybe you’re  simply wishing life were different! With the changes in our world over the last couple of years, this sense of feeling lost and out of sorts is true for many.  You are not alone!

Maybe you do have a vision, and yet not sure how to bring it into fruition.  So the vision is impressed in your head, with no action towards it.  Again, many have felt the same.  You are not alone!

Action Boards can assist us with creating and living a new reality.   You may have some familiarity or even completed vision boards in the past only to end up frustrated.  Action Boarding is an interactive process that goes beyond stagnant imaging.  It’s a dynamic process that rewires your brain, thereby incorporating behaviors/actions that magically manifest the things desired.  Using the latest outcome based research, this process takes a scientific approach to reality creating.  

Action Boards are an amazing tool to use in your daily life! It is made even better when the process is facilitated by Ausar.   He will incorporate current research regarding Envisioning and Action Boards along with how he used the process to go from being homeless after the perfect storm to now having the most fulfilling life expression.  Ausar offers insight, guidance, compassion, and understanding of how to implement the process.  You will have VIP access to this amazing “Reality Creation Coach”.  This is what he has to offer you....

About The Event:

During this 5 week virtual course you will 

  • Harness the power of you MIND
  • be guided through the Action Board process  
  • combine “Envisioning and the RAADical Method 
  • go from an imagined reality to a manifested reality
  • spend time getting clear on what it is you desire 
  • address any barriers and ambivalence that is present
  • get clarity around how to live your life with intention
  • identify what specific radical changes are required of you 
  • create a visual representation of your goals 
  • reach your vibrational point of alignment through corresponding actions: = an Action Board. 

Ultimately you'll connect with your most authentic self, discovering what makes you unique, and begin the effortless journey of bringing your deepest desires into reality. You’ll complete this workshop with a new magnetism and vibrational set point which aligns with your desires!

About The Event Coach:

Auspicious Ausar is a Master Life Strategist, Possibility Creation Coach with over 40 years experience as a Spiritual Leader, Therapist, Personal Development Seminar facilitator and Possibility Creator.  His motto is “Live the Lesson”.  Throughout his life he has implemented these principles to recreate his life after the death of his wife of 30 years, followed by the perfect storm which resulted in a season of homelessness.   You will be provided  with all the foundational information that if taken to application will result in your desired outcomes.  

Ausar is also the creator and founder of Soulutions for Living, LLC. A coaching  platform which emphasizes that each individual has a “Soul Agreement” in this incarnation that has to be factored into the expression of “this thing called life”.


WHEN:  This workshop commences on Monday, January 2, 2023 at 7:30 - 9:00 p.m. cst (5 consecutive Mondays)

WHERE:  Zoom Webinar 


  • 7.5 Hours of interactive teaching
  • Bonus Session: Board Presentations
  • VIP Access to Ausar 
  • Completed Action Board 
  • Identification of Radical Actions required of you 

Investment: $149 or 2 payments of $75

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