Life Path Consultation

Delve into a deeper understanding of what you are here to experience and accomplish!

Although you are not a  “card, number or sign”, all of these "Spiritual" systems used by men and women of old are accurate, we can tell from your name, birthdate and other personal identifiers, what significant circumstances may show up in your life, and when things may happen in the future.

Your birthday, day that "God" designated for you to enter into this realm assigns you a unique sign, card, or number with valuable information and astounding accuracy. Through my Spiritual Destiny Consultation, you can gain insight to the your entire lifetime, or a look at your personal year. Each additional year of life  presents to challenges and experiences for your growth and experience.  It is known that we aren't humans having a spiritual experience, instead Spiritual Being having a Human Experience!

Choose today to get a better understanding of:

    • What are the challenges you are facing?
    • How does Karma affect your life?
    • What are the best times to prosper and the best times to lay low?
    • Are there any health or work challenges?
    • Is now the time to expand your business?
    • What is your life purpose?
    • When may you meet your Intimate Soul Mate?
    • Why is "This" person in your life right now?

With the help of the Destiny Consultation you will see the patterns you have been doing repeatedly, sometimes for 30 or 40 years.  It is inevitable that we are going to change and evolve and it is more meaningful when it comes through conscious awareness. The consultations, which I have been doing for over 10 years in conjunction with my coaching and counseling practice,  gives you a way to increase awareness of yourself,  Through knowledge and self-understanding, you become empowered to make wiser choices and transform your life to the next level.  The focus of your consultation will be on some of your most pressing concerns and issues. The complete consultation will be instrumental in you knowing yourself in a more INTIMATE AND DETAILED way!

Yearly Destiny Consultation

Each year on our birthday things shift. This Consultation focuses on your current year and the influences during this year. I will explain your year-long influences that cover your entire year and look at other signicant things that are showing up in your life.  This Consultation gives insight into your relationships, work, changes and opportunities.  This consultation can be done at any point in the year either to prepare for the year to come or the year you are currently experiencing.   A lengthly summary report will be provided in support of our conversation.

    • 90 minute consultation regarding current birth year
    • Clarify focus and what is showing up in your life
    • Summary Report

Cost: $150.00

Relationship Consultation

Understanding the energy of the planetary influences between two people brings new perspective. This consultation focuses on the connections between you and your identified mate. This Consultation can look at an intimate relationship as well as relationships between friends, children and family. Choose the Relationship Consultation that covers your needs.  The session is recorded* and you will be sent a link to download your personal reading.

You will receive:

    • A written summary report [both parties if a couple]
    • Private Consultation to understand the report including how to use it.
    • Assistance is setting goals in line with your specific consultation

Set an appointment today for you complimentary 15 minute exploratory session.