2023 Manifestation Mastery Course


Manifestation Mastery Course

"Using Spiritual Principles  to Actualizing Things Desired"

You have the power within you to attract to yourself all that you could ever desire. This is the central theme of the Manifestation Master Course, which is unlike any other Manifestation Mastery Course that you may have attended.  I have chosen to present this after years of applying these very principles. I was initially introduced to these principles through the writings and seminars conducted by the late Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. They have been the key to my overcoming homelessness and season of drought after the perfect storm, to now having the most fulfilling life expression.  

This mastery course offers insight, guidance, compassion, and understanding along with the "how-to" of implementation.  You will have VIP access to Ausar during this 4 week Mastery Course.  

About The Manifestation Mastery Course:

During this 4 week virtual course we will address

  • Why you don't Create, but Manifest
  • Becoming Aware of Your Highest Self
  • Minimize the Role of Money In Manifestation
  • You Can Attract to Yourself  What You Desire
  • Honoring  Your Worthiness To Receive
  • Connecting to the Divine Source through Unconditional Love
  • Meditating and Manifestation
  • Power of Detaching from Fixed Outcomes
  • Gratitude and Generosity

You’ll complete this Mastery Course with a new momentum and magnetism. Your Vibrational Set points will align with your desired expression of life!

About The Event Coach:

Auspicious Ausar is a Master Life Strategist, Possibility Creation Coach with over 40 years experience as a Spiritual Leader, Therapist, Personal Development Seminar facilitator and Possibility Creator.  His motto is “Live the Lesson”.  Throughout his life he has implemented these principles to recreate his life after the death of his wife of 30 years, followed by the perfect storm which resulted in a season of homelessness.   You will be provided with the foundational information, that once applied will result in your desired outcomes.  

Ausar, is also the manifestor of Soulutions for Living, LLC. A coaching  platform which emphasizes that each individual has an authentic “Soul Agreement” for this incarnation. He teaches that "Manifestation isn't about the accumulation of material things, but a natural result of living the spiritual path as a Divine Being."


WHEN:  This workshop commences on Tuesday, February 7, 2023 from 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. cst (4 consecutive Tuesdays)

WHERE:  Zoom Webinar 


  • 4 Hours of interactive teaching
  •  "Individualized 2023" Numerological Report available.
  • VIP Access to Ausar

Investment: $49 

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