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Create A Winning Life Seminars & Workshops featured by Solutions For Living, Coaching, Counseling and Consulting, LLC

Our seminars and workshops empowers the participants to become more deliberate in living the life they desire.  Currently being offered are:

The Envision Course:

The Envision Course: How To Manifest God’s Greatest and Highest Good In Your Life?

This 4 week Tele-Course introduces the participants to the powerful envisioning process which will equip you to manifest the your greatest and highest good in every area of your life: Health, Wealth, Career, and Relationships. Facilitated by Gregory A. Stanton, Pastor & Strategic Life Consultant. This course is for those who are ready to do it a more Perfect Way!

This is the missing process you should engage in prior to visualization, vision-boarding, goal setting and the setting of intentions!

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Get Clear, Get Started: When You Know What Your Desire, It Desires You!

Perhaps you're not feeling the Joy of Life and need some real clarity regarding God’s greatest and highest good for your life, then this is the best place to start.

We will explore...

The contrasts that are currently showing up in your your life.  Contrast are experiences that you would like to change.  You will come away clear as to where your focus should be placed in all of the Six Dimension of Life:  Health, Wealth, Relationships, Career/Work/Call, and Spirituality.  Bringing these six dimensions into harmony is key finding to joy in life.  Most of all, you will leave with a strategic next-step action plan!



If you're single this is the seminar to participate in if you desire to take advantage of what appears to me the most effective way to "meet" your potential mate. During this free annual tele-seminar I will share the new and surprising facts about On-line Dating and why so many people are finding success through participating in this now common way.

However, there are some critical things that you should consider and know prior to testing the waters of On-Line Dating. Join me on this call, where you can maintain your anonymity but at the same time come away with a viable new strategy for being in a wonderfully fulfilling relationship this year. So go ahead and register now for the the next webinar scheduled for 3/31/2019.  Limited webinar participant size: register today!

The development of a prosperity consciousness is the starting point to living a "Prosperous and Abundant" life.  Both abundance and lack are the results of a state of mind, and the most important step you'll ever take on the road to a more abundant life is a decision to make a "commitment to Change."

I am excited to offer this webinar program! During this 12 week webinar you will learn how to begin to manifest wealth, prosperity and abundance in your life. Throughout the 12 weeks of the program I will be available to answer all of your questions.  There is no cost but registration is required  for the next class starting May 7, 2019 with limited enrollment.

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The Master Force Life Course, is a 13 week course that will equip you to take full control of your life.  Start today creating and living an Exceptional Life!

Master Force’s Life Course provides the perfect combination of ancient techniques and modern knowledge to empower you to take mastery over your life beyond traditional approaches.  It clears away limiting beliefs, life traumas and other self imposed blockages that are getting in the way of you Creating and Living The Life You Desire!   This course will be the catalyst to you creating new spiritual practices that will change your life inside of just thirteen weeks.   In this journey you’ll be introduced to various principles and practices that are unique to the Master Force System of Coaching and Personal Mastery.

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Gregory Stanton, MA, MFC

About The Facilitator:

Gregory A. Stanton, MA, MFC, Strategic Life Consultant

The CEO of Soulutions For Living, Counseling & Consulting, Inc. and spiritual leader of the Oasis Spiritual Center.

A seasoned Spiritual Leader, Life strategist, and Speaker who specializes in assisting individuals, in maximizing life through the process of "Strategic Coaching" in the areas of Relationship, Wealth, Health and Life Purpose.