Relationship Coaching

Soulutions' philosophy is that relationships are essential to our development as Souls.  Each relationship either teaches us or gives us the opportunity to teach lessons that are essential to our personal development and fulfilling our Soul Purpose for this life time.  Whether you are single, seeking, in a relationship or perhaps exiting one, Soulutions can help you address your concerns on dating and relationships.


On-Line Meeting  Coaching Program (OMCP):

It's often called "On Line Dating" however,  it should most appropriately be referred to as On Line Meeting. Within a relatively short period before you disclose to much information you should actually meet the person in person. Individuals choose On Line Meeting for a variety of legitimate reasons to increase their options and possibilities of meeting the Ideal mate.  I am sure you have heard the horror stories associated with Dating Services.   However, Dating Services are a great way to meet a potential mate, but before you start that process there are many preliminary steps you should take prior to participating.    The OMCP will assist you in identifying what your readiness level is for dating, your dating goals, security steps you should take prior to taking your profile live.  Additially I will be your accountability partner in the process of choosing your potential mate.  This coaching program addresses your initial conerns along with some very specific processes that help you identify what you desire in relationship and  equip you to experience your ideal relationship.  Additionally, OMCP  includes:

    • Initial Assessment (90 minute)
    • 3 Individual Sessions (60 minutes)
    • Mandatory Homework
    • In between session unlimited text

Soulutions Relationship Readiness Program (SRRP):

Are you single and seriously considering your readiness for a relationship?   This is a great place to start the process of attracting the ideal mate.  Yes, attracting!   We attract into our lives the relationship we are most prepared for and essential to personal growth.  This coaching program addresses your initial concerns along with some very specific processes that help you identify what you desire in relationship and  equip you to experience your ideal relationship.  Covers 3 months of coaching.  Additionally, SRRP  includes:

    • Initial Assessment (90 minute)
    • 7 Individual Sessions (55 minutes)
    • In between assignments check-ins
    • Mandatory assessments & homework

Couples Coaching Program (CCP):

Every relationship initially has that period where the energy of  love/attraction diminishes and now it time to go to work.   It''s at these crossing points that you and your mate have the opportunity to look directly in the mirror and identify what we need to be addressed.  In this coaching program we look at what is showing up in the relationship that is contrasting what you all desire.   The process isn't about judgements or pointing fingers, but exploring individually and collectively what the relationship is presenting to each of you.   A central  part of the program is to identify what you both desire for the relationship to look like, feel like and most importantly whether it is serving you both.  We start by clarifying your initial concerns along with some very specific processes that help you identify what you desire in a relationship and  equip you to experience your ideal relationship.  Additionally, CCP  includes:

    • 30 minute consultation to determine appropriateness (Complimentary)
    • 2 Individual Assessments (90 minute each)
    • 6 Couple Sessions (60 minutes each)
    • Mandatory homework assignments

Pre Marriage Couples Coaching
Every important decision in life is best handled with planning and preparation. Your marriage is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make. I want to help you prepare for this most wonderful and sacred commitment. Whether this is your first marriage or you have previously lost a mate; if there are children involved or your nest is empty, I can help ensure a more harmonious move into the marriage relationship. Pre-Marriage Coaching is proven to increase the success and longevity of your relationship. As a trained and certified Relationship Coach, with 30 plus years married (widower) and providing relationship coaching and counseling, I will work cooperatively with you and your pastor if you belong to a ministry.

Pre-Marriage Coaching Process

Start with an Initial complimentary 30 minute Skype meeting to discuss the process and to determine the appropriateness and "our" fit for the process. Once this is determined a proposed Pre-Marriage Coaching Plan will be submitted to you all for your approval.  Once commitments are made we will start the journey to creating your "Happily Ever After"!

Pre Marital Coaching Package Includes:

    • (2) Pre Marriage Relati onship Assessments (90 minutes ea.)
    • Soul Mate Compatibility Assessment
    • (4) Individual Sessions
    • Mandatory Homework Assignments
    • Other tools as appropriate

*What is an Intimate Soul Mate Compatibility Assessment?

An Intimate Soul Mate presents a perfect blend of compliments and challenges that assist you in the fulfillment of your soul assignment. We are naturally attracted to what appeals to us and repel that which to strongly challenge us. This can result in defining the perfect relationship as one that makes u happy and brings peace! Well a true intimate soul mate (ISM) relationship is one that provides both in perspective and keeps u engaged and encouraged toward personal growth. This assessment explores the dynamics of the relationship between you and your significant other and the uniqueness of your relationship, including what it will take to experience the bliss, joy and happiness you desire.


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