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Introducing… Master Force life Course: A 13-Week Course To Self Mastery With Gregory Stanton, MA, MFC

Living An Exceptional Life

Perhaps you have partnered with a counselor, coach, psychologist or other  professional to address challenges or issues, only to find that process didn't equip or empower you to face future life challenges.  The Master Force Life Course, is a 13 week course that will equip you to take full control of your life.  Start today creating and living an Exceptional Life!

Master Force’s Life Course provides the perfect combination of ancient techniques and modern knowledge to empower you to take mastery over your life beyond traditional approaches.  It clears away limiting beliefs, life traumas and other self imposed blockages that are getting in the way of you Creating and Living The Life You Desire!   This course will be the catalyst to you creating new spiritual practices that will change your life inside of just thirteen weeks.   In this journey you’ll be introduced to various principles and practices that are unique to the Master Force System of Coaching and Personal Mastery.    

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This Life Course will be the catalyst for you to release and move through your past traumas or perceived negative life events.  You will be initiated into new levels of consciousness and awakened to your true potential.  This is a direct and guided path to making a massive shift in your life’s projection that will affect every aspect of your life in a positive, heart-opening way.

You will learn

  • Importance and power of Breath
  • The Purpose of Emotions and How to Harness The Energy of Them
  • How to Achieve Optimal Health Through The Power of Meditation
  • Methodologies for making the best choices for your life
  • Effective Tools to Manifesting The Life You So Passionately Desire To Create
  • How To Authentically Communicate and Express Your Self
  • Understand and effectively use the Three Levels of Consciousness
  • Using the Creative Power of The Imagination
  • Introduction To The Universal Laws and Application To Life
  • Much more inside of What Each Class Uniquely Calls for.


Class Size

Limited to 20 Students per Class

  • Intimate Interactions
  • Accountability Partner
  • Access To Master Teacher/Coach
  • Discounted Personal Coaching for 12 month


5 Things That Make This Course Unique

1.  Christ-Centered

This course is constructed to introduce you to a metaphysical approach to the bible and the teachings of Christ beyond the rudimentary approach that the traditional religious landscape offers.   Through years of solo study, guided teachings by Master Teachers and application Gregory has contextualized these age-old teachings into a contemporary and applicable manner.   Learn in an interactive inviting, non-judgmental, condemning or condescending learning environment that will be the catalyst to expanded personal growth and understanding.  Open to participants of all faiths and spiritual practices.

2.  Exponentially Expand Your World and Your Reality

Through this course you, you raise your consciousness and vibration and be on the way to self-mastery. When you participate in this course it not only benefits you, but through it you will impact those you engage in a much more powerful way.  When you change the way you look at your reality, your reality begins to change. 

3. For Both Beginners And Advanced Believers

One of the unique things about Master Force Life Course is that it speaks to you at your level and reality — to deliver exactly the results you want. The entire thirteen-week journey is designed to assist you accepting that you have in your life exactly what you have created.  We introduce a metaphysical approach to life and the expansion of a Christ-Centered Worldview.   Through application we will not only identify your desires and hopes but will equip you with the process that leads to the actual obtaining your “Hearts Desires” whether they be in the areas of Health, Relationships, Wealth or Career/Passion you will be clear on what it is you desire and how to create it!

4. Designed For Massive Shifts In Your Life In 13 Weeks

Packed with ancient and modern tools, this course is designed to trigger immediate consciousness. You not only learn, but also apply the wisdom and daily principles of the Master Force System with Gregory Stanton who will help you identify false beliefs system connections that block you from creating this extraordinary life you chose to come here to experience.

5. Community Support From Gregory And Other Like-Minded Seekers

When you enroll, you’ll enjoy the company of Gregory and your fellow students in an intimate learning environment. This creates a vibrational vortex that allows you to make rapid progress in your spiritual journey. This “Mastermind” like group alone is a tremendous advantage over other similar courses.

Thirteen-Week Format

·       Meet On-Line weekly for 90 minutes of dialogue around the weeks topic

·       Weekly Personal Discovery Assignments

·       Video Learning in support of each weekly topic

·       Outside of Class Support (Google Classroom)

Course Facilitator

Gregory A. Stanton, MA, Owner and CEO of Catalyst Coaching and Counseling, Inc.  A Spiritual Counselor, Strategic Life Consultant, specializing in assisting couples and individuals in leading and living more powerfully fulfilling lives He’s the Senior Spiritual Thought Leader, at Oasis Spiritual Center.

A national workshop/seminars facilitator, presenter on a variety of topics and issues pertinent to personal development. He has his Master’s in Counseling from Roosevelt University, a Certified Master Coach, through Master Force Coaching Institute.

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 *BONUS: Once you make the non-refundable deposit you will receive a 45 minute Coaching Session with Gregory A Stanton, Strategic Life Consultant, prior to the start of the class!