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About The Oasis Spiritual Center: The Place of Possibility

The Oasis Spiritual Center (Oasis) original established in November 1992, is a"Christ- Consciousness"  ministry committed to the fundamental principle that we are spirit-beings that have chose to enter this life to have a human experience on earth as part of our personal evolution!  Through this journey  we create possibilities for success, fulfillment, and greatness in addition to growth opportunities misnomered as failing experiences that are essential to the process.

We Encourage The Practice of Seven Daily Guiding Distinctives:

  1. Attitude of Gratitude
  2. Meditative Thought
  3. Intentional In Speech
  4. Authenticity of Being
  5. Integrity of Purpose
  6. Action/Service to Self/God & Society
  7. Accept, Allow and know also that the Universe is working with you


The essence of The Oasis Experience is best described by our founder and Spiritual Leader, Gregory Stanton: “When the vision for Oasis was given to me during my sabbatical year of 2013, I “envisioned” it as a transformative place that would attract those seeking to be empowered and equipped to the create the kind of life, that the story of Christ alluded too, one that encapsulates joy through applied Christ Consciousness.   That’s why it was named “Oasis” which means a fertile place in the midst, which when tapped into rejuvenates.  This oasis is our imagination.  Activated by our mind/thoughts and intentions held.  Oasis's vision is driven by the desire to see individuals operate not as mere human beings but in their full capacity as spiritual beings having a human experience free of limiting beliefs.”


Oasis is a teaching center that promotes the practice of “Now Thought” – The present day use of expanded nuerotheology as a transformational movement and community.  We seek to reacclimate participants to age old spiritual principles and practices that were either lost, misunderstood and deleted in the formation of Westernized Christianity.  Through the deconstruction of current traditional Christian teaching we are reconstructing a more practical expression of Kemetic Spirituality in today contemporary society.  The ultimate goal is to be a catalyst for the transformation of individuals to reach highest and greatest expression of self as expressions of their Creator.  Through weekly seminars, webcasts and telecasts, we reach individuals and introduce them to the transforming, healing powers that they possess.

We invite you to experience The Oasis community and learn more about our dynamic, intentional approach and the broad scope of opportunities we offer you for enhancing your life-experience from a foundation of personal spiritual empowerment.

The Place of Possibility:

A very inclusive community of individuals purposely seeking to be transformed Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually through the process of having Christ formed in them, resulting in a Powerfully Authentic life!


The place where "Now" Thought Creates New Possibilities!  It's a community for the expansion of human potential.


Motto I am a Spiritual being, Co-Creating the ultimate life expression.   



WE BELIEVE that people are spirits that possess a soul/mind, and are motivated by the energy of emotions and live in a body.


We BELIEVE that in the process of transcending the limitations of humanity, every individual has to understand the four dimensions of Self:  spirit, mental, emotional and physical.


We BELIEVE man has chosen this journey towards full potential, mastery, dominion and that attainment begins with the realization that there is a power greater than them, residing in them and available to be used by them on a daily basis, through the proper understanding and utilization of the Universal Laws/Principles


WE BELIEVE as those in “The Way”, that we manifest the Creator's highest and greatest good by practicing the universal spiritual principles exemplified and taught by the Light Bearers and the sages of old and contemporary teachers.


WE BELIEVE our experiences are the reflections of our beliefs and therefore through bringing our beliefs into alignment with the Universal Mind of Amen, we will obtain joy, peace, and a successful life modeled by divine thought, divine speech and divine action.


WE BELIEVE, therefore that it is the responsibility of each individual at some point in life, to come to maturity by understanding why they believe what they believe, so that they may be secure in their beliefs and able to share their belief by word and deed.


WE BELIEVE that THE PLACE OF POSSIBILITY is a creative place of expansion for those espousing a more universal “WAY” and are on the journey towards reaching their full potential and embracing their transformation


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