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Gregory Stanton, MA, MFC


Hi, I am Gregory A. Stanton, MA, Owner and CEO of Soulutions for Living, LLC.   A "Purveyor of Positivity and Possibility".    


I help people get extremely clear on what it is their Soul desires in the areas of their health, wealth, relationship and/or career and then live it! 


I absolutely enjoy more than anything, empowering and equipping individuals to show up in life fully on and prepared to participate in the game of life.   I get my greatest win seeing clients experiencing that breakthrough moment that shifts their entire life in a quantum way.   


Don't make the mistake of  "Keeping It Real"  by the rehearsing your present unwanted situation.  This will only attract more of the same or worsen the current situation.   Through partnering with me you will begin to "Live" a new possibility!  Contact me today  or call 708-368-1076.

"Soulutions for Living" is comprised of interactive, engaging, results oriented workshops, seminars, and coaching. Through these platforms I introduce and integrate the most updated mind science research and quantuum change techniques that produce results.

I will work with you to clarify your desires, build on your strengths and attain the personal breakthrough. Take action today, set a complimentary 15 minute appointment.














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